Kenya Cup Rugby statistics: 2015/2016 winner Predictions?

The 2015/2016 season of Kenya Cup continues this weekend and with the tournament’s pools new format, identifying a potential winner is a trickier prospect than in the previous seasons thanks to a few unique characteristics of the time.

As can be seen below, the sporting cliché that ‘the defending champions wins or leads the table’ doesn’t apply in Kenya Cup this season. Instead, the rugby statistics show that any team with aspirations of lifting the trophy will likely just require the best attack in the playoffs.

kenya cup standings

Impala proving favorites having won 12 in their last 14 and has been always 1st on points difference. They arguably have the best defense on each occasion and also possessed the best attack.

Kenya Harlequins have consistently been one of the highest scoring teams in the competition, though have not reached the finals in the recent years they will surely be well backed to win the 2015/2016 season.


Homeboyz have a stronger team spirit than the last seasons. Sure the DJ’s have never tasted the playoffs since their beginning but current team hold no fears and could go all the way.

If previous competition finalists is a key factor, then the same winning odds can be placed on Nakuru RFC, KCB and The Leos.

The idea of a ‘pools’ and financial equality is a major talking point in the tournament at the moment. The concept of fairness would also stretch to the fixtures, with every team playing each other, home and away. That isn’t the case in Kenya Cup though, where the draw is a significant factor.


Even though travelling across the country is a big issue for the two western based top dogs, having to manage a long away tour in a far and different part of the country are all issues that coaches in Nairobi don’t have to deal with at least not every weekend. But either way coping with the altitude isn’t so hard because it’s not like different time-zones kinda distance.

At the risk of an obvious pick, Impala do look to be a strong contender this year and Nakuru could also come through, they have with no doubt the best side in the league despite few indiscipline issues that cost them.


Hail to Impala, again for making this season more interesting.

Which team do you think would win this season? {Comment box maguyz}


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