Kenya Cup Fixtures

The 2015/2016 Kenya Cup Fixtures: Credit KRU

1 KCB 1 Kabras RFC
2 Strathmore 2 Nakuru
3 Mwamba 3 Impala
4 Homeboyz 4 Nondescripts
5 Western Bulls 5 Kenya Harlequins
6 Mean Machine 6 Blakblad
7 Thika RFC 7 Bungoma Sharks
21-Nov-15 SAT KCB VS Thika Round 1
21-Nov-15 SAT Mwamba VS Western Bulls Round 1
21-Nov-15 SAT Nondescripts VS Homeboyz Round 1
21-Nov-15 SAT Kabras VS Bungoma Sharks Round 1
21-Nov-15 SAT Nakuru VS Blakblad Round 1
21-Nov-15 SAT Strathmore VS Mean Machine Round 1
21-Nov-15 SAT Impala VS Kenya Harlequins Round 1
28-Nov-15 SAT Mean Machine VS KCB Round 2
28-Nov-15  SAT Western Bulls VS Strathmore Round 2
28-Nov-15 SAT Homeboyz VS Mwamba Round 2
28-Nov-15 SAT Thika VS Blakblad Round 2
28-Nov-15 SAT Nondescripts VS Nakuru Round 2
28-Nov-15 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Kabras Round 2
28-Nov-15 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Impala Round 2
5th-6th Dec-15 World Rugby Sevens Dubai
5-Dec-15 SAT Nondescripts VS Mean Machine Round 3
5-Dec-15 SAT Homeboyz VS Nakuru Round 3
5-Dec-15 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Thika Round 3
5-Dec-15 SAT Strathmore VS Bungoma Sharks Round 3
5-Dec-15 SAT Blakblad VS KCB Round 3
5-Dec-15 SAT Impala VS Western Bulls Round 3
5-Dec-15 SAT Mwamba VS Kabras Round 3
12th-13th Dec -15 World Rugby Sevens CapeTown South Africa
12-Dec-15 SAT KCB VS Strathmore Round 4
12-Dec-15 SAT Homeboyz VS Western Bulls Round 4
12-Dec-15 SAT Blakblad VS Bungoma Sharks Round 4
12-Dec-15 SAT Mean Machine VS Thika Round 4
12-Dec-15 SAT Mwamba VS Impala Round 4
12-Dec-15 SAT Kabras VS Nakuru Round 4
12-Dec-15 SAT Nondescripts VS Kenya Harlequins Round 4
19-Dec-15 SAT Strathmore VS Mwamba Round 5
19-Dec-15 SAT Western Bulls VS Mean Machine Round 5
19-Dec-15 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Blakblad Round 5
19-Dec-15 SAT KCB VS Kabras Round 5
19-Dec-15 SAT Nakuru VS Impala Round 5
19-Dec-15 SAT Homeboyz VS Thika Round 5
19-Dec-15 SAT Nondescripts VS Bungoma Sharks Round 5
9-Jan-16 SAT Impala VS Bungoma Sharks Round 6
9-Jan-16 SAT Blakblad VS Mean Machine Round 6
9-Jan-16 SAT Mwamba VS Thika Round 6
9-Jan-16 SAT Strathmore VS Homeboyz Round 6
9-Jan-16 SAT KCB VS Western Bulls Round 6
9-Jan-16 SAT Nakuru VS Nondescripts Round 6
9-Jan-16 SAT Kabras VS Kenya Harlequins Round 6
16-Jan-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Mwamba Round 7
16-Jan-16 SAT Kabras VS Homeboyz Round 7
16-Jan-16 SAT Thika VS Nondescripts Round 7
16-Jan-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Impala Round 7
16-Jan-16 SAT Nakuru VS Western Bulls Round 7
16-Jan-16 SAT Strathmore VS Blakblad Round 7
16-Jan-16 SAT KCB VS Kenya Harlequins Round 7
23-Jan-16 SAT Mwamba VS KCB Round 8
23-Jan-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Homeboyz Round 8
23-Jan-16 SAT Impala VS Nakuru Round 8
23-Jan-16 SAT Thika VS Western Bulls Round 8
23-Jan-16 SAT Kabras VS Strathmore Round 8
23-Jan-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Nondescripts Round 8
23-Jan-16 SAT Blakblad VS Kenya Harlequins Round 8
30-Jan-16 SAT Homeboyz VS KCB Round 9
30-Jan-16 SAT Thika VS Strathmore Round 9
30-Jan-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Mwamba Round 9
30-Jan-16 SAT Western Bulls VS Nondescripts Round 9
30-Jan-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Kabras Round 9
30-Jan-16 SAT Blakblad VS Nakuru Round 9
30-Jan-16 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Impala Round 9
30-31 Jan 2015   World Sevens Series Wellington New Zealand      
6-Feb-16 SAT Thika VS KCB Round 10
6-Feb-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Strathmore Round 10
6-Feb-16 SAT Western Bulls VS Mwamba Round 10
6-Feb-16 SAT Impala VS Homeboyz Round 10
6-Feb-16 SAT Nakuru VS Kabras Round 10
6-Feb-16 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Nondescripts Round 10
6-Feb-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Blakblad Round 10
5-6 Feb 2015 World Sevens Series Wellington Sydney
13-Feb-16 SAT Homeboyz VS Bungoma Sharks Round 11
13-Feb-16 SAT Western Bulls VS Kabras Round 11
13-Feb-16 SAT Nakuru VS Mean Machine Round 11
13-Feb-16 SAT Mwamba VS Blakblad Round 11
13-Feb-16 SAT Impala VS Thika Round 11
13-Feb-16 SAT Nondescripts VS KCB Round 11
13-Feb-16 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Strathmore Round 11
20-Feb-16 SAT KCB VS Mean Machine Round 12
20-Feb-16 SAT Strathmore VS Western Bulls Round 12
20-Feb-16 SAT Mwamba VS Homeboyz Round 12
20-Feb-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Thika Round 12
20-Feb-16 SAT Kabras VS Blakblad Round 12
20-Feb-16 SAT Impala VS Nondescripts Round 12
20-Feb-16 SAT Nakuru VS Kenya Harlequins Round 12
27-Feb-16 SAT Western Bulls VS KCB Round 13
27-Feb-16 SAT Thika VS Mwamba Round 13
27-Feb-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Kenya Harlequins Round 13
27-Feb-16 SAT Nondescripts VS Kabras Round 13
27-Feb-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Nakuru Round 13
27-Feb-16 SAT Blakblad VS Impala Round 13
27-Feb-16 SAT Homeboyz VS Strathmore Round 13
5-Mar-16 SAT Strathmore VS KCB Round 14
5-Mar-16 SAT Impala VS Kabras Round 14
5-Mar-16 SAT Western Bulls VS Homeboyz Round 14
5-Mar-16 SAT Thika VS Mean Machine Round 14
5-Mar-16 SAT Nakuru VS Mwamba Round 14
5-Mar-16 SAT Blakblad VS Nondescripts Round 14
5-Mar-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Kenya Harlequins Round 14
12-Mar-16 SAT Blakblad VS Homeboyz Round 15
12-Mar-16 SAT Thika VS Nakuru Round 15
12-Mar-16 SAT Kabras VS Mean Machine Round 15
12-Mar-16 SAT Bungoma Sharks VS Western Bulls Round 15
12-Mar-16 SAT Mwamba VS Kenya Harlequins Round 15
12-Mar-16 SAT Strathmore VS Nondescripts Round 15
12-Mar-16 SAT KCB VS Impala Round 15
19-Mar-16 SAT Impala VS Blakblad Round 16
19-Mar-16 SAT KCB VS Homeboyz Round 16
19-Mar-16 SAT Strathmore VS Thika Round 16
19-Mar-16 SAT Mwamba VS Mean Machine Round 16
19-Mar-16 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Western Bulls Round 16
19-Mar-16 SAT Kabras VS Nondescripts Round 16
19-Mar-16 SAT Nakuru VS Bungoma Sharks Round 16
26th-27th March Great Rift 10-Aside -Nakuru      
2-Apr-16 SAT KCB VS Mwamba Round 17
2-Apr-16 SAT Western Bulls VS Thika Round 17
2-Apr-16 SAT Kabras VS Impala Round 17
2-Apr-16 SAT Strathmore VS Nakuru Round 17
2-Apr-16 SAT Homeboyz VS Mean Machine Round 17
2-Apr-16 SAT Nondescripts VS Blakblad Round 17
2-Apr-16 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Bungoma Sharks Round 17
9-Apr-16 SAT KCB VS Bungoma Sharks Round 18
9-Apr-16 SAT Mwamba VS Strathmore Round 18
9-Apr-16 SAT Thika VS Homeboyz Round 18
9-Apr-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Western Bulls Round 18
9-Apr-16 SAT Blakblad VS Kabras Round 18
9-Apr-16 SAT Kenya Harlequins VS Nakuru Round 18
9-Apr-16 SAT Nondescripts VS Impala Round 18
9th-10th April   World Sevens Series Hong Kong
16-Apr-16 SAT Western Bulls VS Blakblad Round 19
16-Apr-16 SAT Kabras VS Thika Round 19
16-Apr-16 SAT Mean Machine VS Bungoma Sharks Round 19
16-Apr-16 SAT Homeboyz VS Kenya Harlequins Round 19
16-Apr-16 SAT Nakuru VS KCB Round 19
16-Apr-16 SAT Nondescripts VS Mwamba Round 19
16-Apr-16 SAT Impala VS Strathmore Round 19
16th-17th April   World Sevens Series Singapore
23-Apr-16   Kenya Cup Quarters
30-Apr-16   Kenya Cup Semis
7-May-16   Kenya Cup Finals
14-May-16 SAT World Sevens Series Paris France
21-May-16 SAT World Sevens Series London
11-Jun-16 Enterprise Pre-Quarter-Finals/INTERNATIONAL TEST MATCH
18-Jun-16 Enterprise-Quarter-Finals/INTERNATIONAL TEST MATCH
25-Jun-16 Enterprise Semi-Finals/INTERNATIONAL TEST MATCH
2-Jul-16 Enterprise Finals
9-Jul-16 Rugby Afrique:  Zimbabwe vs Kenya /ELDORET 10S
16-Jul-16 Rugby Afrique:  Namibia Vs Kenya/NAIROBI 10S
23-Jul-16 Kakamega 10-Aside
29-Jul-16 Rugby Afrique:  Kenya vs Uganda
6-Aug-16 National Sevens Circuit
13-Aug-16 National Sevens Circuit
20-Aug-16 National Sevens Circuit
27-Aug-16 BREAK
3-Sep-16 National Sevens Circuit
10-Sep-16 National Sevens Circuit
17-Sep-16 Nanyuki Sevens or Meru Sevens(TBC)
24-Sep-16 Rugby Afrique & Safari Sevens

Credit KRU


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