Behind every Unsuccessful Woman is a Man who, “Caused or was pushed away”

Speaking for the women again but defending my gender too, I’d say at some point in everyone’s life, comes a person who completes your puzzle, makes you feel all warm and relaxed just by having them around you, brings a whole new level of romance, fun and friendship like never before. A person that keeps you on toes, a companion, one you can lean on… in them you find that one person you can’t do without… and also the one person who gets too much sometimes.

Holding-HandsThis is the most important chance because it only comes once in a lifetime. You either give it your all and get it all or Joke with it and lose it all forever. Best call it “God given chance”.

The person i have just described is every Woman’s worst nightmare and also her most beautiful dreams. If this person came to the woman’s life and both realized the importance of keeping what they have, peace and success follows but if this man realized but as usual do what men do “mess up things” then they both won’t find the same thing they had in this planet unless you go to mars and start a life as “Marsians” then you can be given a new chance. It’s safe to say majority of you are right to think that you are always right when things fall apart, but heey, No! no one is ever right and if you ever feel like you are the perfect side of the relationship then your “ego” is killing that beautiful hook up.healthy-relationships    Upon reading the above, i can now jump straight to the point, what do I mean “Behind every Unsuccessful Woman is a Man who, “Caused or was pushed away”. Think of a relationship that is naturally made and is ripe, the woman is happy and everything around and about her is complete, talk about feeling safe and secure, at peace and chilled, most important feeling warm and loved. Then out of the blues the man spoils the whole thing, then guess what, as white, healthy and calm milk could look, if you put a drop of lemon it all turns in to a mess no one can think of consuming. The other side of this thought is, with all that beautiful feeling a Man brings in the relationship, most women instead of appreciating they will think of their men as “dumb” then that makes them play games forgetting all they want is in that guy, of course truth always comes out and the Man despite loving you will “Chicken-Out” and live the woman distorted out of her own course, “Touche”


It’s a tall order for every Man to live to his word and women get content with what the world offers. Our prayers should be accepting that we don’t think we’d be who you are without the influence of the ones we love and pray that we don’t see a day without these relationships that means so much to us. Well, I for one know that I don’t want to live without!

Now I can twist the quote a bit and say “Behind Every Successful Woman is His Man and Behind the fall of a Successful Woman is usually another Man” and vise versa.

Kelley Boss!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Faith says:

    Hahahaa Kelly I have to write a peace to respond rather share my views of the same. As always great peace, kudos.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kelleyboss says:

    Hahaa am waiting to see.. thanks hehe


  3. Racheal Wendy says:

    hehehehe Boss that piece had taken me deeper until your last words got me thinking otherwise

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelleyboss says:

      Hehehee I explained it my lady.. its and vise versa.. otherwise it remains deep for you dia


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