OLX SoMA Biz Yangu Category

Social media has changed the way people find and sell goods and services. It has changed how business owners interact with their target customers and how the consumers gets closer to the services. It’s basically a whole new level of online shops.


This year OLX Social Media Awards {SOMA} have introduced new categories that celebrate more brands and companies. But the most fascinating field of awarding under the Best use of social media category is “Biz Yangu”. This category celebrates private owned businesses on social media that do all their transactions from exhibition by posting, negotiations and agreement through social media. I can bet with this trend Someday you won’t have to go out to buy dania or hoho (extra spices) you’ll just be tweeting & whatsaping mama mboga “1kg tomatoes house number 24 street 11 ASAP” wait for delivery as you enjoy your movie & popcorn LOL!

Most small businesses that are growing, owned by young people only have social media as a marketing platform that helps boost their reach. These are the businesses that SoMA seeks to celebrate this year.


Biz Yangu is for the young private business man who sells shoes and clothes through social media, it’s for the business women who sell kitchen products and house furniture end to end on social media then it hits me No wonder OLX is their {SOMA} Title Sponsor! Shout Out to OLX

Social media works its magic to reach out to the target customers. Some create pages and get a good following which are technically their customers, others post on groups of the relevant audience they seek and most do their business using their personal accounts. This helps both the business person and their clients get faster, and more efficient services. It also bridges the gap between CEO and Tea Girl and allows smoother communication between them.

Cap4 Cap3 Cap2 Cap1

With OLX Social Media Awards {SOMA} acknowledging these small businesses there is a high probability of more businesses coming up on social media.

To a number of entrepreneurs, social media market is the “next big thing,” a temporary yet powerful trend that must be taken advantage of especially with the digital revolution in Kenya.

To Nominate visit soma.or.ke

Kelley Boss.                                                                                                           1511310_547673665371406_3091592745134288054_n


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