#SomeoneTellCNN we are not terror Hotbed and Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohammed attests.

During this Obama Homecoming season I have been watching CNN just to hear them for once talk about Kenya as Obama’s Homeland or something about Kenya being the mother land of the United States President.


I was waiting for them talk about a country with its coastline on the Indian Ocean, encompassing Savannah, lake-lands, the dramatic Great Rift Valley, mountain highlands and abundant wildlife such as lions, elephants and rhinos.

But this Morning CNN News headline, “Security fears as Obama heads to terror hotbed,” and included an analyst who says the US military has increased its offensive against the Al Shabaab in Somalia to, “send a very clear message to Al-Shabaab not to try to attempt anything against the President.”

Showing pictures of the September 2013 assault on the Westgate Mall during which 67 were killed and the Garissa attack earlier this year.

Speaking to Capital FM this Morning Foreign Affairs CS Amina Mohammed Stated clearly that Kenya does not claim ownership of terrorism and is a global phenomenon that affects every country not unique to Kenya. “Everybody realizes that we had New York, Boston, Paris, London, Madrid and Russia more than three times so we do not claim ownership of terrorism and if somebody wants to apportion it to us, then they are mistaken” The CS continued saying that Terror doesn’t respect boundaries or nationalities and its totally indiscriminate. And the lesson the Amina Mohamed picks from this is we should come together to fight terrorism and not identify Hotbeds and spots.

If the CNN reporters on top of this Hotbed story did their research in depth then they could identify that it’s the Maasai Mara annual wildebeest migrations season and advice POTUS to take his family to Maasai Mara and watch the beautiful-Wildebeests-migration.


#SomeoneTellCNN to understand what Kenya is made of and we are more of beauty than what they claim; in Africa Kenya is arguably the first that comes in mind of any tourist even those acting in Hollywood mostly mentions visiting some parts of Kenya.  Instead of showing terror pictures how about show the beautiful scenery, the big five or play Lion King movie where the animals are in Kenya singing “Hakuna Matata” Lol,

We’ve got allot to be proud of that we do not need approval from international media to attest that. #SomeoneTellCNN Get Outta Here!!

Kelley Boss!                                                                                                                           th (4)


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