Africa’s Biggest Slum “KIBERA” Needs a Woman in Leadership for Change.

Kibera is the biggest slum in Africa and one of the biggest in the world and there is a lot to be done to change Kibera.


It needs tenancy rights, water, health clinics, housing, education, employment and most important security. All these issues cannot be addressed only by foundations, UN and AMREF but by a direct hand from the government this means the Member of Parliament should be willing, compassionate and dedicated to change Kibera which from her speech to the campaign she is moving I see Rosemary Odinga as a perfect choice for change in Kibera.


Rosemary is the 2nd born daughter of former Prime-minister Raila Odinga, a 38-year-old mother and the only snail farmer in Kenya, okay talking about snails before we all say yuck! Snail meat is on high demand and is extremely nutritious it tastes like fried gizzard dipped in butter. Rosemary moves an ID registration campaign which is about Nationalism, Empowerment, Security, Planning and Accountability. This is because a large number of Kenyans do not get to vote the leader of their choice because of lack of Identity cards which is caused by a complicated system of obtaining cards, but Rosemary Odinga’s ID campaign is helping even citizens with no birth certificates to obtain their cards simply by getting a letter from the chief and a copy of parent’s cards. This is just part of what Rosemary does and when it comes to talking to people all you can see or hear from how she talks and the statement she makes is a great leader in the making and strength of a woman. I talked to “Paul Gray” an elderly British ally who is in Kenya for personal prospects asking him what he thinks will change Kenya’s politics and with few words he said “I think if women can take up top leadership then it will change a great deal”. I cannot endorse a foreign opinion but I’ve been thinking about it and I can see logic in Paul’s opinion because not to be against men but if all leaders turn out to be the same greed-moved type then we’ve got to change something and this time I suggest let’s try gender.

Rosemary Odinga: “The fact that my father was at one time MP for kibra does not take away my right as a Kenya to vie for the position……


After Eliud Owalo who was Raila Odinga’s 2013 Presidential Campaign Manager urged the Odingas to keep off other political seats if they want their father to ascend to presidency, he received a tough rather ideal feedback from Rosemary during her first official tour of the constituency saying her father’s political future should be de-linked from her prospects.

“The fact that my father was at one time MP for kibra does not take away my right as a Kenya to vie for the position. Let me ask you a simple question. Wouldn’t you work in government or a company simply because your father once worked their?” that’s Rosemary’s post on Facebook on the matter. That shows she is firm to what she stands for and that right there folks, is a call for leadership.


Speaking in support of women, NYS {National Youth Service} which that has without doubt made a difference in Kibera, was only been possible because of top the leadership which was handled by Ann Waiguru and if women can be given the top sits in this slum then trust me Kibera will positively change exponentially. I place my bet on Rosemary Odinga if she is elected Member of Parliament of Kibera there will be a massive change in the slum.

And in the words of Hillary Clinton: “When women participate in the economy everyone benefits” It’s time for change in Kibera.

Kelley Boss!


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