Safari Sevens in RFUEA not KASARANI

Rugby is second most popular sport in Kenya but the most successful ball game so technically most popular sport in kenya, in particular due to the success of the Kenyan Sevens Team internationally, and tournaments such as the Safari Sevens, which has been growing yearly, and now includes numerous international teams.                              

Illustration_Rugby_Kenya_Sevens                                                              That brings me to the main agenda to write this, to my opinion watching Rugby in Kasarani is far much less fun compared to watching it in RFUEA, and am not against Kasarani at all, I’ve got genuine “rugby stands and fans facts” that makes RFUEA suitable for Safari sevens.                                                                                                Main problem is the poor view in Kasarani

Kenya-7s-600x400No one is ever against the track on kasarani because it has made legends in Kenya and we have all the respect for our Legends BUT while the track is that important, while watching rugby it creates a Big distance between fans and players which makes the fans not see the actual action on the field, matter of fact I’d rather watch the games at home where cameras zoom the action for me than stay in kasarani shout when I see a guy in red crossing the line then go on twitter realize “aaye that was injera who scored” then retweet and keep watching from a distance, it’s like watching a neighbors Tv at the door.  While football and athletics is all about the movement and you can enjoy it on a distance, rugby is the total opposite because rugby for fans is about the action in the game  and that action is only felt when the fans are close enough, even the most fancy rugby stadiums always keep the fans close to see the action.


We miss allot of action from our sevens team during the IRB circuit and the only one we got to utilize is Safari sevens yet again its put at a “track distance” worst than watching Tv. While watching rugby the most interesting part is when someone is smashed to ground, call that “stool”, Hand-offs and fancy side-steps from talented young guyz. All this we don’t see in kasarani with the field a “track distance” away. Okay someone might feel am speaking for the “Russia fans” as in guyz who are not in the VIP sitting far up the stadium seats but I bet you VIP fans see worst than  Russia fans. So problem is not Kasarani nor the runway problem is the distance, we need to see this action live and in 3D. Writing this when Safaricom has pulled out as the sponsors of the circuit makes it possible because technically safaricom took over Kasarani so if they are out, we are also out.

Imagine we feel up RFUEA and its safari sevens finals: Kenya vs Australia, the compact noise and of course “Kawindek” creates an atmosphere where “odiero” knocks on every ball and the Red Black n Green shirts run over the yellow boyz. We cannot afford to lose at home if we wish to make safari sevens an official IRB circuit plus most importantly if we want to make our main rugby grounds better, then our main rugby events should be hosted there. And use that revenue to build our main grounds not chew all the cash. #Union

Rather watch home than at Kasarani.

Turudishieni Dimba RFUEA!!

Kelley Boss!!job done1

Cheerz!!                                                                                                                                    th


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