You got the Job. Question is, are you getting the Job Done?

It is character that got us out of bed, Comment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.

love-job-searchThe best job is given to the person who can get it done without coming back with excuses and a job well done tells you well done forever in short I mean success forever. Was reading the Harvard Business Review Magazine and what I learnt is “Today, managers are expected to get more done with fewer people and more limited resources. And with all eyes looking at them and their team, no manager can afford to waste a moment.” Most people go too low even compromise their ego and promise to do extra hours just to get a job but once you get you don’t even do your job, your To do and Pending files just keeps piling up.jobs1

Okay the question is what does it take to get the job done? And even if I try finding a different way to explain this, the fact still remains what Human beings are always afraid and not ready to do because it takes intrinsic motivation and will to get the job done. You have to think positively and that you can do the tasks better than others.  If you think the Job you are in is not in your interest then it’s in the interest of your employee who pays you to have interest in his dealings, so to get yourself to “your job of interest” you must start by being positive with the job at hand and with a positive mind there is growth and growth can be having ability to shift to your field of interest.Dream-JobAnd with the current economy apparently, You’ve got to do something different, everybody is playing hard, everybody wants to win in the worst way, it’s frustrating when you are in a position where the greatest billionaires were yet you are not getting your Job done yet you look up to them who always got their Job done to be where they are. We’ve got to think on the positive side of the job you have and only then you’ll have all the reasons to wake up and make each day a better day at work and naturally that is the definition of (3)One thing you should avoid as your source of Job motivation is “Plastic-human-praise” this I mean seeking feedback from people: “Good job! Good stuff! Nice work!” This will only break you at the end, the best thing is just what I started by saying “it takes intrinsic motivation and self-will to get the job done.”

Finally Folks: Everybody has to have a code, mine? Precision: Use what you have, switch them out when you need until you get the job done. It’s efficient. BUT if you are loyal to fault, your code is about peers, it makes you predictable in your line of work, predictable means vulnerable and that means anyone can reach out and break you wherever they please: suck you or beat you in business.

You want to enjoy life, don’t you? If you get your job done quickly and make your job fun, that’s good, isn’t it? That’s the purpose of life, partly. Means your life is better if you get your job done positively.

You have Three choices in life: quote-action-choices 1. Give Up!  2. Give in! or 3. Give it all you’ve got!

Am sure Steve Jobs picked the 3rd

Love your Jobs and give it all you’ve got folks…. Lets do this!

Kelley Boss!!

Cheerz!job done1


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  1. wendy says:

    Great piece love.i love it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelleyboss says:

      Thanks Love glad u liked it. u inspired this

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mmbaya says:

    Really great ideas you have put into light: i couldn’t agree more

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kelleyboss says:

      Thanks bruh, was least i could do..


  3. Mwanik says:

    Awesome stuff cuzo, i like…plastic-human-praise..haha…you have passed out words of wisdom and given the plain truth

    Liked by 2 people

    1. kelleyboss says:

      Hehe.. thanks cuzo, just trying to get things the right way with plain truth..

      Liked by 1 person

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