Kenya Rugby 15s team faces Portugal at the RFUEA Grounds on Saturday{30TH MAY}kenya  Anytime i think about Kenya sevens success, what hits me is when will Kenya rugby 15s side attract such kind of crowd and loyalty from fans. The Kenya sevens team  takes part in international Rugby sevens competitions and has been more successful than their XV counterpart, but what gives me hope with the Kenya 15s is it never took Kenya sevens forever to get the click its just one breakthrough season just like the 2008-2009 season which our sevens team made it to the semi finals of 2009 world cup rugby sevens. Kenya-7s-RugbyAm not here to share Kenya rugby history am here to convince you to support rugby 15s come Saturday equally as much as sevens and that way we’ll bridge the gap between the performance of the two teams.

Difference of sevens to 15s is In this game If you can’t take a punch, you should be ready to receive as many and all this punching and big hits are made in the name of our flag, we’ve gotta support our boys. Most recent games I’ve watched throughout Kenya Cup we saw a total difference in the who always beats who and of course these days i use Kabras sugar at my place because of the good debut season their rugby team had. And all this more competitive season only leads us to a whole new level when the national 15s side is selected.

Again… am here to build support of Kenya 15s side and this is the statement people don’t get right “Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman’s game played by beasts; football is a beastly game played by beasts.” clearly ladies this is your chance to be around gentlemen and of course Beer and Rugby are more or less synonymous so the gentle guyz might be tipsy so don’t judge them.

Let me explain what 15s is about in the simplest way “Rugby 15s is a game I can’t claim absolutely to understand in all its niceties, if you know what I mean. I can follow the broad, general principles, of course. I mean to say, the main scheme is to work the ball down the field somehow and deposit it over the line at the other end and if someone is run over in the process well and good if not still safe,”3628-rugbyOkay straight to the point now after you’ve understood a little bit of history and about rugby 15s, My point is before any other kind of development the Kenya rugby 15s need fans support first before anything and i mean fans before funds. we’ve got to come all out anytime our boys fight for the flag, and for those who wait to watch results for 20 seconds in news which might not even be complete or follow the game on twitter thinking that’s support plus criticism is always at its peek online, you’ve got to lay off the TV and Phone online stuff and come support our Kenya Rugby 15s team.

Rugby is great. The players don’t wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer. I love that We’re going to tear those Portugal boys apart.                                                                                                                   And of course Kenyan fans are one of the most fun fans to be around according to the IRB “Kawindek!! you know”…why don’t we go all out on this and support our boys.                     Funniest incidence is when “Odiero wa Portugal atapigwa stool” that i mean when the Portuguese will be run over by our boyz LOL!!                                                                       Kelley Boss!!! Cheerz 


Kenya squad to face Portugal

15. Sammy Oliech (Resolution Impala Saracens), 14. Darwin Mukidza (KCB), 13. Fabian Olando (KCB), 12. Kelvin Omiyo (Top Fry Nakuru), 11. Jacob Ojee (KCB), 10. Isaac Adimo (Kenya Harlequin), 9. Lyle Asiligwa (Kenya Harlequin), 8. Joshua Chisanga (Homeboyz), 7. Michael Okombe (Top Fry Nakuru), 6. Brian Nyikuli (Pan Africa Strathmore Leos/Captain), 5. Emmanuel Mavala (Homeboyz), 4. Oliver Mang’eni (KCB), 3. Curtis Lilako (KCB), 2. Sammy Warui (Top Fry Nakuru), 1. Moses Amusala (KCB)


16. Peter Karia (KCB), 17. Duncan Mwangi (Kabras Sugar), 18. Isaiah Nyariki (Top Fry Nakuru), 19. Martin Owillah (Top Fry Nakuru), 20. Ronnie Mwenesi (Total Nondies), 21. Robert Aringo (Resolution Impala Saracens), 22. Vincent Mose (Resolution Impala Saracens), 23. Dennis Muhanji (Kenya Harlequin)

Kelley Boss!!! Cheerz 


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