At times our life feels like it has unlimited potential for happiness but most of the people don’t tap that potential to the point they remain sad.

Question is; how Extreme can sadness go… and I think or on my opinion, the only thing worse than being sad is for others to know that you are sad. Because we all know what this will come with: gossip, badmouthing and all those “others” do to step over you.

We live in a world that come with plan B, because plan A never relate I guarantee and you can’t see success coming from plan C because it wasn’t just what it was, okay that some Kendrick lines, tricky huh! But point is we just live in a world of plan B because plan A is where Sadness is. “Plan A always fails.” This is where we fail because we start up ideas with only plan A, from businesses to projects we just never think of plan B and that alone can make you fail and paint sadness all over you because you invested all you had in what failed.summertime_sadness_by_indicamonkey-d5d1fef_zps07d4927c

Now don’t misjudge my point here, it’s not like sadness is bad because from what i have read is “Everybody has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” try understand why someone is sad before dubbing them cold or best said “Less fun.”

We always bring sadness upon ourselves because you cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness because this two just go along if you can control happiness then sadness might even be easier for you so either way find a way of controlling one, and yes we know how to control happiness but we just refuse to copy paste the same attribute to sadness.

Why do people have to be sad? Why do people have to be lonely? What’s the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?

You know what the longer and more careful we look at a funny story, the sadder it becomes. Think about that….. It’s never too serious, pick up the fun part and walk out…


Finally the link between love and sadness: You love him, you love them, you love her, you love so much you love when love hurts, but what love got to do when you even don’t love yourself is put sadness on your face, so love so much but love yourself as much too.

Cant guarantee Plan A but trust me Plan B always works.

Kelley Boss!!


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  1. wendy racheal says:

    As much as plan B always saves the day, if we take more time and invest all our energy, research and passion in plan A we will not need plan B

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  2. kelleyboss says:

    Very true dia, very true when we put all our energy and invest on plan A it always works out.. this article was just a piece for those who gave up on plan A already so this is their plan B,
    but its for sure if we put energy on plan A it always works out.


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